Rhia Amio
Make-up Artist + Hair Stylist
Rhia Amio
Make-up Artist + Hair Stylist

Virtual Make-up & Hair Lessons

Virtual Make-up & Hair Lessons

Learn easy make-up tips and tricks to give your routine (and self!) an instant boost.


Learn about the basics of everyday skin care, which are the foundation of any beauty routine.  When skin is taken care of, you often don’t feel the need for as much make-up and when you do wear make-up, it just glides on!  We’ll talk about products that multi-task and save you time getting ready when you’re pressed for time but still want to look like your best self.  The last 10 minutes of this module will be reserved for us trying to do our own 5 minute make-up and apply the tips learned.

Yes, brows deserve their own section!  Pencil, cream, gel or marker brow products?  In this more intensive brow-focused module, we’ll find out which products work best for you and practice filling our brows in together.  Learn the most flattering shape for brows, why you should put the tweezers down and how to fill them in when things go wrong!

Skin that looks like skin is more than just covering it up with make-up.  We’ll talk about skincare and suggested products as the basis for any beauty routine.  We’ll discuss and practice techniques for applying face make-up (foundation, concealer and blush) and the recommended products for getting the look.  Artist tips for easy contour and highlight and how to achieve different skin finishes (dewy or matte?!) will also be shared so you can step out with your best skin yet!

Learn how to create an everyday look of your choice – for instance, how to achieve effortless waves and maybe how to style hair that isn’t so fresh [pandemic life, anyone else?!] with the right products.  Suggested products and tools for your hair type and preferred style will also be discussed.

Ok so you’re pretty good with the whole 5 minute make-up thing, but want to know how to elevate your everyday routine to something a little more glam?  Learn tips and tricks to easily take your look from day to night out!

We’ll talk about everything eyes-related, including the brows and the area under the eyes, as they all work together to complete a professional eye look.  Tips include how to cater make-up to your eye shape, how to shape your brows and how to find the right concealer shade.  Whether it’s a natural full lash look or a dramatic smoky eye, we’ll learn the make-up artist tips that will probably put me out a job for sharing.  

Rhia + maximum of 2 participants only.
2 sessions recommended.

Doing your own make-up for your Big Day or need your make-up to go the distance for an evening out?  Learn artist tips and tricks for doing your own make-up including how to do make-up for the professional camera and how to layer your make-up to help it last longer.  Easy tips for doing your own false lashes and recommended products to carry for touch-ups will also be discussed.

Choose from any combination of the modules above [a minimum of an hour must be booked] or learn what you want.  Tell me what you would like to focus on, and I’ll design a customized hour-long lesson plan.  Examples include:  how to get a perfect smoky eye, how to achieve the latest beauty trends, how to make a dewy look work for oily skin, make-up for teens, make-up for moms, make-up for women of a certain vintage  … or maybe all of the above?!  The options are endless!  Our collaborative hour-long lesson will be tailored to your preferences and your own individual beauty.


Rhia + 1
1 hour
$120 / person
Rhia + 2
1 hour
$100 / person
Rhia + 3 or more (up to a max of 5)
1 hour

Additional Info
HST applies to all rates above. 

A 50% deposit will be required to secure a date and time for a lesson.  The remainder of payment will be due before the lesson begins.

How it Works
During our lesson, we will both start with a make-up free face and/or undone hair [which usually for me is a camera-OFF kind of look so consider yourself warned!] and practice applying or styling as we go through the lesson.  Any information on suggested products and tools will be emailed to participants in advance.

Set-up you will need:

  • Your skincare / make-up / hair products and tools
  • Medium to large mirror (ideally a size that fits your whole face and can stand on its own, without you holding it).
  • Smaller mirror that you can hold in your hand for detail work (i.e. eyes)
  • Great lighting (where possible, natural light is best so try to park yourself in front of a big window.  The best lit room in your house works otherwise.  The direction of light should be facing you and overhead, rather than just lighting you from overhead)
  • Surface area to set out your products
  • Comfortable seating
  • Internet connection / laptop or tablet (for larger screen and better viewing, especially with group lesson)

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